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Most of what you see here is older work from art school circa '78 - '80.

I created pieces with all kinds of media including illustration, pencil renderings, scratch board, and of course my final senior project - a 3-D cutaway model of Bag's End.

I worked as a picture framer and shop manager/trainer for over 12 years for companies such as Old American Store and Michael's Arts and Crafts.

I worked as a sign painter as well from a very young age - 15 or 16, before going to art school. I was monogramming cars, pinstriping, and creating truck lettering to boot.

In the early 1980s, I moved to A.Z. with my brother and we used an old school bus as a moving van/camper. I decided to store my things - artwork and pictures included, in the bus. Unfortunately, some kids played around inside and burned it to the ground. I lost all the photos of my early sign work, truck signs, ice cream trucks, race cars and motorcycles.

I have done a variety of sign work as well as model building both large and small. I've created everything from small Klingon shuttles to TARDISes to a custom spacecraft refit of a Spindrift model.

I worked for a commercial sculpture shop in Raleigh, N.C. called T-Bear & Co. I came up with some of my own characters like Mr. Samwise J. Jabberwocky IV and his amazing familiar Mc Kaat.

I've also worked for a company in Phoenix that made pressure garments used by burn patients to control their scarring. I was a pattern drawer for that company for a short time.

I've designed T-shirts for pig pickins, reunions, birthdays, robotic dragons, and talking robots for a hardware store, I've created fake security cameras and of course my R2-D2 which I created in 1980 and has been my mascot in the studio ever since!


I've done a fair amount of calligraphy, truck lettering, and sign painting both big and small. One has to master two main crafts in order to become a commercial artist:

  1. Illustration
  2. Calligraphy/Sign Painting

I'm not much of an illustrator, but I'm a damn fine calligrapher and sign painter. I've been fascinated by languages, especially old languages, history, and archeology, all my life. I am fluent in Rune Script, and Rune Works. I've enjoyed working with pen and inks and I love map making.

In the early 80s, I made a batch of calligraphed pen and ink illustration scrolls mounted on old barn wood with old handmade nails. I copied psalms, excerpts from christmas carols, quotes from famous folk, and cartoon characters etc. onto the scrolls. I produced 150 pieces and sold all but a few. The photos of these were lost in the fire.

In the early days I used to spend a lot of time "building inventory" on nights and weekends and then 3 or 4 times per year, I would liquidate my inventory.

Now I call myself a Prototype Artist

Everything you see on this site are prototypes and ARE NOT FOR SALE, at any price, anytime, for any reason!!! Got it!!! (unless you see a price tag!)

My prototypes are examples of what I am able to make. I have made them both on a shoestring budget and without compensation. Imagine what I can make if someone gives me a real budget to work with! Check out my webcast. If you would like to become a sponsor, please Contact Me.


knife knife knife
knife knife knife


Dream Yacht

Dream Yacht Dream Yacht Dream Yacht
Dream Yacht Dream Yacht Dream Yacht
Dream Yacht Dream Yacht Dream Yacht


Dream Yacht Dream Yacht


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R2D2 R2D2 R2D2
R2D2 R2D2


Wall of Wonder Wall of Wonder Wall of Wonder
Wall of Wonder Wall of Wonder Wall of Wonder
Wall of Wonder Wall of Wonder Wall of Wonder
Wall of Wonder


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