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All that you see here are prototypes, personal fan art or privately commissioned pieces and are not for sale , unless otherwise stated!!!

Welcome to
Celtic Fox Studio

"To know one is ignorant ....
is the beginning of wisdom."

- Lady Viviane,
The Mists of Avalon

Celtic Fox Studio is the creation and sole proprietorship of Joseph F. A. Federici.

Joseph is a formally trained Commercial Artist of over 30 years. His unique talents include the likes of cartoonist, sign painter, amazing sculptor of both stone and styrofoam, trained scribe, professional picture framer/teacher of more than 20 years, a trained electromechanical draftsman, and pattern drawer and of course art teacher to both kids and adults. Oh yeah, and he's also been a dog trainer for over 25 years.

His talent is as unbridaled as his imagination. A Druid with an ancient sole and the heart of a child, he sees all things unlike the rest of us! Never underestimate his ability to amaze you with his creations.

So, welcome and enjoy all that you discover here. May you be inspired.

Joseph Federici & Xena

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Joseph Mcgrory-Federici
artist / proprietor
Carrboro, NC

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