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Tardis II


My TARDIS II Console was designed specifically as a "Public Prop/Display". It was over-built and extra tough so as to minimize maintenance and repairs. It's overall design was based obviously on the McCoy/McGann console from the D.W. movie.

The main layout of functions and components was based on the Hartnell console. Note the porcelain knobs on the navigation panel are for setting the binary codes. Other features and functions include the likes of... a tricorder for sensors, space flight game for the Helm C. Regulator, a Star Wars star ship game for the main power circuit controls, a full sound system, and an old type writer for a "fake" computer (the public would have broken the real one very quickly!).

The dematerialization switch operated the time rotor that used to go up and down. It was powered by a cordless screwdriver. The console was completely self contained and battery powered. It could go anywhere. I designed and built it in 1999 and 2000. It was great fun and everyone who saw it, loved it. As always, time waits for no man. I dismantled it in 2003 to make way for a new console that I only saw one photo of and fell in love with. This was soon to be my.....TARDIS III Console.