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Tardis III


Third TARDIS Console. This TARDIS was the most fun and the coolest to build. I based it solely upon a single photo from D.W.M. It starts with the anchor plate at the top of the time rotor, 3/4 plywood, 3-5/16 threaded rod, and single piece of ½ plywood, a five gallon bucket, christmas lights, a plasma globe, a few Star Trek games, a computer bank, and a lot of foam core board and plexiglass.

My main concern was weight. Since it hangs from the ceiling, I made it as light as possible. The main bulk of the console is made of foam core. I called this console my Star Fleet, reverse-engineered TARDIS.

All the graphics (thanks to Okodo and team) are rear lit, sandwiched between two layers of plexiglass. The panels are made of foam core. The opening for the plexiglass and graphics is cut smaller in the bottom layer of foam core to hold the plexiglass in place. It is called a "rabbit" in picture framing terms. I used a plasma globe for my main power matrix interface. The time rotor was made from four plastic pet food dispensers, christmas lights, and a small spinning time rotor at the bottom beneath the blinking lights.

This console was so much fun to build. Having to engineer it from scratch and having it hover was such a rush! Being a true prototype, it had it's mistakes. It was a maintenance nightmare. Foam core is much too fragile for furniture.

I designed it in 2004, built it in 2005, and dismantled it in early 2006. Again, I learned a great deal from the project. It provided a phenomenal amount of inspiration for my...TARDIS IV Console.

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